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HiFi Lounge, San Francisco

SF's Premier Bar Crawl / Scavenger Hunt

You and a team of up to 6 will scour one of San Francisco's neighborhoods for answers to clues, daring photo-ops, and scandalous hi-jinks.

The team with the smartest, suavest, and most socially savvy contenders will win the night.

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What's included?

In addition to a high quality, locally sourced good time curated and hosted by entertainment professionals, you will receive:

Theme-related props.

Maps to hidden caches of booze.

External phone charger (if required).

The opportunity to win fabulous prizes.

Upcoming Events

  1. Apokélypse Saturday, July 1
  2. Pokémon Themed Bar Crawl / Scavenger Hunt / Trivia Race using the Pokémon GO app. 

  1. Gay Mauve Thrones Saturday, Aug 5
  2. Game of Thrones Themed Bar Crawl / Scavenger Hunt / Trivia Race. 

  1. Innuendo Jones TBA
  2. Indiana Jones Themed Bar Crawl / Scavenger Hunt / Trivia Race. 

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About SNAC

Saturday Night Action Club was founded in 2014 by John Teasdale, Zach Kozick, and Dom Narducci. 

Combined, they have hosted over 300 events for corporate and private clients, but started SNAC because public events are much more fun.

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